Get Maximum Results This Season

lose the worry and anxiety

Train for confidence

Get and keep your momentum all season long!

When you have a plan and the right mindset, you can focus all your energy on making those big improvements you have been dreaming about:

  • Landing all of your triple jumps, yes, triple axel too!
  • Qualifying for Nationals or Sectionals
  • Executing for ++GOEs.
  • Getting casted in an Ice Show

Having a plan but not the mindset causes stress and anxiety. Your brain gets in the way, and you get overwhelmed and stuck...again. Before you know it another season goes by and you are no closer to your goals.

Do you:

  • Feel stuck because you are afraid to do it wrong (so you don't do it at all)?
  • Start the season strong, but fail to keep the momentum up through the year?
  • Have a big plan, but don't know what to do day-to-day to reach your goal?
  • Have "potential" but don't know how live up to it?
  • Want to make big improvements, but are unhappy with your progress so far?
  • Want to get your maximum improvement this year?

Never be afraid that you're doing it wrong again.

If you:
Are serious about reaching your potential and beyond
Have big dreams but don't know where to start
Are willing to work hard for the results you want

I want to work with you.

Bust through what blocks you with this limited special offer:

ICE Tough JumpStart Intensive Package $180

  • 1-- Private One:One Coaching Session so that you get what you need to succeed (45 minutes)
  • A written summary of your session highlights
  • A plan based on your goals so you can start the season strong and finish strong!
  • Daily goals you can use immediately so that you can make progress every single day
  • Mental game strategies used by the best of the best athletes so that you can hit your goals
  • An organized overview of your season at your fingertips
  • 1-- 20 minute follow up session so that you can get your questions answered and stay on track.

All this for only $180

I want you to finally understand the power of a strong mental game. I want you to experience what Elite athletes know, that working on your mental game is the missing piece that will help you reach your dreams.

Never again dread hearing the words “You have so much potential…”

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