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Free Figure Skating Competition Time and Money Saving Tips eBook

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It took me years; it will only take you minutes!

Competitions are the chance for our kids to shine. They are also expensive and can be time consuming.

Do you ever:

  • Worry about missing deadlines and paying late fees?
  • Spend time stressing about non-refundable travel expenses due to injuries and cancellations?
  • Waste time, trying to keep track of multiple deadlines and requirements?

With this Competition Tips eBook you will feel calm and in control, and you can be there for your child when it counts the most: before, during and after competition.

This eBook is the result of years of skating competitions with my son, a lot of trial and error as a parent, and my knowledge as a Competition Registrar and Mental Game Coach.

Learn how to keep track of vital competition and travel information and how to take advantage of time and money saving tips.

Enough talk, let’s get going!

Free Tips eBook

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Spend less time and money on competition registration and travel.